The beauty of Kao Tao, Thailand

0 Comments 02 June 2013


Kao Tao Adventure

Thailand is a popular destination for Australian travellers due to its close proximity, good exchange rate and of course shopping!

There is a vast array of holiday spots in Thailand and a destination every traveller needs to experience for themselves.

One place in Thailand that has a special place in my heart is Kao Tao. Having recently returned from a holiday to the tiny island (21 square kms) it seemed logical I write a little piece. My recent trip was my second to the island of Kao Tao and I’m sure I will return in the future – the time between visits was over 8 years, and a lot has changed.

Where is it

Koh Tao is a small island located 70 km east of Suratthani and Chumhon, in the Gulf of Thailand.  The closest islands are Koh Phangan and Kao Sumui. Continue Reading


A Student Nightmare – Money

0 Comments 27 January 2011

money-student-poorManaging your money – a student nightmare

Being a student can be tough for a number of reasons and one of the top issues is cash flow.  If you haven’t got enough money to eat properly then how are you going to be able to study effectively?

Student life can be expensive, so managing your money to allow you to live well and have some fun is important.  We have compiled a number of tips to help you, and the Australian government has put together a handy app you can download to help.


The first thing you need to do is look at your cash flow, grab yourself a piece of paper and write down everything you think of as an expense.  Don’t scrimp, write absolutely everything down so you fully understand what you are working with. Write your income next to this, then try to break it down in to manageable chunks. This can be daunting, but the first step to effectively managing your money is understanding exactly what is coming in and going out. Continue Reading


The Leap from Twenty-Something to “Late” Twenty-Something

0 Comments 16 April 2014

After college there are certain milestones that mark our arrival into "adulthood". It seems like your early twenties compared to your late twenties are centuries apart! In your early twenties just finding an apartment to "sublet" seems daunting. By your late twenties you've somehow come to a point where you can be looking to invest in a home of your own. When you move into your first new home it is an exciting and liberating time. This is now YOUR space to do whatever you'd like to do with it. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of success. Now it's up to you to decorate your loggings, keep it clean and lovely, and learn about your local garbage pickup schedule! 

There are certain things you want to do when first getting into your new home. 

1.) Make friends with your neighbors.
Maybe you won't make "besties" with all of them but they could be the community you never had! Plus you'll be living next to them for the foreseeable future so why not bring over some sugar? 

2.) Find a local food market. 
Groceries are expensive. Finding high quality groceries at an affordable price should be a top priority. After all, the "ramen noodle" diet should be over by now for many reasons. Learning to live a healthy lifestyle and having a set grocery store allows you budget out food for the week! 

3.) Keep A Contact List
Building a local contact list of various service providers is a good idea when first getting accustomed to your new home. If you lived in an urban area for much of your early twenties or even in your parents house, you are not entirely equipped to deal with the issues that could arise as a new homeowner. Keeping the numbers for plumbers, electricians and locksmiths in your area, like Locksmiths in Southampton, is a great way to prepare for the worst while your sailing smoothly along in your new home. That way, when the waves get a little rough, you can call in reinforcements. 

Even if you're not yet ready to take the next step into being a homeowner, these helpful tips will prepare you when you're finally ready to enter the big world of adulthood! 


Ensuring Your Home’s Safety

0 Comments 11 April 2014

Although Australia is a relatively peaceful country, it does not mean that you do away with vigilance in protecting your home and your property. In a 2013 document published by the Australian Institute of Criminology, the crime of unlawful entry with intent happens to 965 people out of 100,000; and most of these occur in dwellings. Even if you think that being victimized seems far-fetched, it would be prudent to be more cautious and take steps in making your home more secure. Aside from the loss of valuables, being a victim carries with it emotional trauma as well.

Police say that many theft cases are crimes of opportunity. Robberies often occur when thieves find unlocked doors or openings in the house that provide them access inside. Hence, even if you are going for just a short walk or just making a run to the corner store, be sure to lock your door and windows. Locksmiths can provide you with advice on what types of locks will be most effective for your home. If you cannot find one in your community, try searching the internet for the nearest one. However, make sure that the locksmith you contact is a trustworthy one. One example of a website that belongs to a reputable London Locksmiths company can be found at You can use this site as reference in looking for a local locksmith online.

Make entryways in your house visible from the street. You might have trees, shrubs or other sorts of greenery blocking your door or windows. It would be best to trim them or cut them down because they will provide cover for someone who will try to gain entry into your home. If a streetlight near your house is broken, report it right away to the appropriate government office for repair.

In securing your property, don’t forget garages and sheds. Thieves often target these areas because they know that they will find tools there that will help them in having access to your house, such as ladders and crowbars. Thus, secure these with locks as well.

If you need to be away for several days, request a friend to collect your mail from the mailbox. An overflowing mailbox is a signal to a robber that no one is home. If you can, ask a neighbor to park his car on your driveway to make it seem like the house is occupied.

There are several other ways to make your home secure and these are the initial ones. Following them will go a long way in making your home safer for you and your family.


Why Binary Options Trading Can Help You Become a Full-Fledged Artist

0 Comments 06 April 2014

In today’s world, anyone can be a great artist much more easily. Due to knowledge and training in the arts being made more accessible by technology, people who are passionate in the arts can now pursue the field much more easily. It goes without saying, however, that this does not mean that everyone can now easily become a great artist who actually earns a lot from their work. Most artists, unfortunately, still struggle with their finances, even the great ones. Because of this, some people are still put off by the idea of making being an artist their main work.

The good news for artists, though, is that there is now a very easy way to supplement their income if they are still struggling with it, and this is through binary options trading. Many artists from all over the world are now able to pursue their passion with the help of binary options trading. Just by engaging in it an hour or two a day, any artist can now supplement their income to the point that they won’t have to worry about it anymore. Hopefully, this article of mine will get you to consider creating a binary options virtual trading account after you’ve read it.

Binary options trading is very easy, even for artists who don’t know much about finance. In a nutshell, one just has to guess the price movements of underlying assets to profit from it; in every trade that one does, one only has to choose between putting or calling on an option. Correct choices always lead to one earning a fixed amount of money. Because of the simplicity of binary options trading and its potential to net people scores of profit in just a short amount of time, so many people from all over the world are drawn to it.

Of course, to be able to find success in binary options trading, people need to make sure that they are working with a great brokerage. To most people in the country, Banc de Binary happens to be the best one. If you check out the Banc de Binary English website, you will see that they list down so many reasons why people should work with them. Although these reasons may seem like an exaggeration, I can assure you that they are not. Anyone who works with Banc de Binary can be sure that they are setting themselves on the road to success.

What exactly makes Banc de Binary a great brokerage? For one, they are regulated in the EU. This means that wherever you are in the world, you can be sure that Banc de Binary works with your best interests in mind. In addition to this, Banc de Binary also offers high payouts to its clients. It’s a really amazing combination. With Banc de Binary, people can be sure that they are making the most money off binary options trading whilst enjoying the security of a regulated brokerage.

Doing  binary options trading with Banc de Binary offsets the instability that comes with being a fulltime artist. So many artists who work with Banc de Binary have been able to create so many amazing works of art, and this is because binary options trading makes them able to earn a lot of money whilst being able to devote most of their time to honing their artistic skills and creating great works of art. In today’s world, you shouldn’t put off your dreams of becoming an artist because of financial concerns. Through binary options trading, you can now fully concentrate on working towards becoming a great artist without having to worry about your finances.


Importance of Legal Advice When Opening a Business in Australia

0 Comments 04 April 2014

Opening a business in Australia as an immigrant can be tough and especially if you do not have the necessary information as to what is required of you. Immigrants might find the going tough compared to long time residents, but they can find ways to make the process easier and manageable. All the legal requirements might seem to be very tricky and complicated but it is important to know each and every task can be accomplished.

Having said this, it is important to first of all to understand the different aspects associated with running a business in Australia. There are various legal obligations to their suppliers, customers, employees and even to the government. It is highly advisable for every prospective business person be in the know about all these obligations as failure to comply with them can lead to serious challenges with the local government bodies.

You can do nothing to start up any business in Australia before acquiring an Australian Business Number (ABN). You cannot even open the commercial bank account that is essential to your operations without having the ABN to use on all the firms. It is also important to talk to a qualified and certified accountant when setting up a business bank account as he is the professional who can help you understand different bank products and charges before committing your young business to any of them.

Additionally, it is highly advisable that everyone opening a business in Australia should get some legal advice from legal experts such as Rees Jones even before making any commitment to suppliers, landlords, customers and employees. They can provide introductory information concerning taxation and your obligations to each of the aforementioned players who are necessary for your day to day running of the business. You can visit them here:

The process of starting a business especially if you are an immigrant can be tedious and challenging. It is not something you should attempt to do on your own. While your own business idea could be amazing, it is good to know some of the things such as the minimum pay rate and employment conditions you should provide to your employees. Also, you must know all the conditions for withholding PAYG tax and other to do with superannuation and employee insurance policy among other things.

Additionally, it is important to know that immigrants seeking to start a business in Australia can only do so if they have been accepted for special visas not to mention needing access to large amounts of investment capital. Obtaining such a business visa is a long, tedious process with serious requirements. It is important to work with a qualified legal expert who has the necessary understanding of commercial law to help you understand all the eligibility requirements and qualifications.

Whether you are starting a small business or an international company, the need for a legal expert or an immigration expert cannot be underestimated. Such professionals will advise on whether you qualify for an investor or business visa and how to transit from such a visa to obtaining a permanent residence visa. The use of a skilled legal expert is important in order to prevent serious issues later.


MTAA Super Fund Turns Around Poor Performance

0 Comments 21 March 2014

The Motor Trades Association of Australia Superannuation Fund, better known as MTAA Super, is a popular Australian super fund that was created specifically for anyone working in the motor industry. This fund has been one of the most popular funds in the country since it was created in 1989 and it remains one of the largest super funds in the country. The fund is known for its engagement with the motoring community and for sponsoring important initiatives such as the “read the signs” suicide prevention campaign in partnership with Lifeline. It was also a high achieving super fund, being named a 7 year platinum performer by SuperRatings in 2010. However, the fund fell on hard times after the global financial crisis and it has struggled since this time. A recent shake up of the fund has created a positive vibe in the fund for the first time in recent years and MTAA super is slowly starting to turn around their poor performance.

Past Performance
According to this review of MTAA Super the fund hit hard times about 4-5 years ago. In fact, three of their major investment products still report negative growth over the last 5 years. This data also allows us to see the full impact that the global financial crisis had on this fund and there is no doubt that MTAA was one of the hardest hit super funds. In addition to this, unlike many other super funds MTAA didn’t make a solid recovery after the worst of the financial crisis was over and it continued to struggle until a new board of directors came to the company. The hardest hit investment option was the Target Return Option, which has a 5 year return of -5.12%. This option in still performing relatively poorly with a 1.60% return in the last financial year.

Turning the Company Around
MTAA Super was struggling and losing members as many deserted the once thriving super fund. Those that remained were either loyal or were not following the trouble in the markets. It was decided that the company needed to do something drastic and they decided on a new board. The new board of directors was a breath of fresh air for the company and the new direction they have instilled is beginning to pay off. For example, the balanced investment option has a -2.19% return over 5 years, but a 10.46% return in the last year. Some of the reason for this rebound can be attributed to the recovery in local and global financial markets, but the change of direction instilled by the board of directors has certainly had a positive impact on the company. In addition to this the company has increased customer communication and feedback which has slowed down the complaints against the fund.

MTAA Super was a sinking ship and its turnaround has been one of the success stories of the industry super funds. There is little doubt that the company was headed for hard times and had the potential of becoming a complete failure. However, with new direction and solid leadership it could easily become of the best performing super funds in the country. That is certainly good news for the 270,000+ members that have over $6.6 billion in accounts with the fund!


Getting Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

0 Comments 18 March 2014

Everyone deserves equal access to legal services. This is a promise that the government makes to its citizens. Unfortunately, though, such a condition is never fully met. This is because of so many factors, one of them being the fact that most lawyers are unwilling to represent the more disadvantaged members of the population. To many lawyers, representing a poor client is not worth it simply because they are not going to get much financial compensation by helping them out. The good news is that not all lawyers are like this. When one looks at the personal injury lawyers in the country, one will see that most of them are actually more than willing to help out poorer clients.

Just how do accident attorneys work exactly? Accident attorneys work by making sure that their clients get maximum compensation for the hurts they are suffering from. Many people don’t realize this, but they can actually get compensated for their injuries if they were caused by the negligence of another person or entity. Of course, getting compensation is not easy. All the parties involved in an incident will exert their best effort so that they won’t have to compensate the hurt parties. This is why it’s important for any person suffering from personal injury to get help from an accident lawyer.

The typical personal injury attorney is more than willing to represent disadvantaged clients. There are many reasons for this, one of them being the fact that the typical personal injury lawyer got into the field out of genuine concern for personal injury victims. The lives of personal injury victims often end up ruined when they aren’t able to get sound legal help, after all. Another reason would be the fact that despite being financially disadvantaged, part of the compensation received in successful litigations is often enough to compensate the efforts of any personal injury lawyer. Most personal injury lawyers work on an “all-or-nothing” basis. If they win their client’s case, they get a significant portion of their client’s compensation; if they don’t, they don’t end up billing their client for anything.

“My name is Linda Maneslick, and I happen to be a teacher from the area. I got into a terrible accident as a result of the school I was working at not being properly tended. Through the help of a personal injury lawyer, I was able to successfully sue the school I was working at. Thanks to his help, I was able to get millions of dollars in compensation. I ended up using the compensation I got to cover my medical expenses as well as start a small yet profitable business,” Maneslick told us when we interviewed her.

Hopefully, this post of mine will encourage personal injury victims to actually seek help from a personal injury lawyer. When it comes to getting help from a personal injury lawyer, people must do it as soon as possible. With each day that passes, personal injury victims lose evidence that can prove helpful in making their case successful. If you happen to be a personal injury victim, get in touch with an accident lawyer ASAP.


Why Australians Need to Look Into Binary Options Trading

0 Comments 14 March 2014

Most people don’t realize this, but it is now actually possible to make amazing investments via the internet. Internet trading is now regulated by so many agencies from all over the world that it is now considered very safe and profitable. By engaging in online trading, people can now make very profitable trades from the comfort of their own homes. In this post, I am going to talk about one form of trading that has been getting more and more popular among Australians over the past few years: binary options trading. Everyone who’s considering doing it should check out for so many reasons.

There are many reasons why more and more Australians are starting to do binary options trading. One of these reasons happens to be the fact that it is more “beginner-friendly” compared to most other forms of online trading. Unlike other forms of trading, people only need to buy an option and guess whether the price of the underlying asset is for is going to increase or decrease by a certain time when doing binary options trading. Because it is very simple, even people who do not know much about trading can profit from binary options trading.

Of course, just because doing it is easy doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t study its ins and outs. In fact, the only way people can make thousands of dollars’ worth of profit a month from doing binary options trading is by employing strategies that are well thought out. Also, newbie traders need to make it a point to research the different brokerages out there and the services they offer. By doing this, they can make sure that they end up working with a great brokerage.

By doing one’s research, one can easily find out that Banc de Binary is the best binary options brokerage here in Australia. There are many reasons as to why most Australian traders consider Banc de Binary to be the best. One of these reasons happens to be the fact that there are no Banc de Binary liquidity issues. People can easily withdraw money from Banc de Binary. This is because Banc de Binary doesn’t lock funds so that their clients end up doing unnecessary trades just to unlock them. Banc de Binary considers liquidity issues to be very bad for business, so the brokerage goes out of its way to make sure that its clients don’t encounter them.

In addition to zero liquidity issues, there are also no Banc de Binary login problems. When using Banc de Binary’s trading platform, clients can be sure that they will never run into a situation where they are unable to access it. When one works with Banc de Binary, they can be sure that they will never miss making an important trade just because of login issues.

Hopefully, this post of mine will get more people to look into binary options trading, as it is quite a a very profitable venture. So long as one knows what they are doing, they will be able to make great money from it on a monthly basis. Many people now actually consider binary options trading their main job because of this fact.


Adequate Insurance on Rental Cars

0 Comments 08 March 2014

The decision to hire a vehicle for one day or several may not require as extensive insurance coverage as owning a car, but there are certain basic to cover. When contemplating hiring a vehicle in Australia or any other place in the world, a renter should confirm how much insurance coverage the car rental company offers, usually through a third party service provider, and at what cost to the renter. People seek and buy insurance coverage to minimize the costs they would incur if they were to have an accident in the rental car, injuring themselves, other people, or property. However, when accidents occur, insurance companies may not pay fast, and services of expertly trained, experienced solicitors may be required to initiate and pursue litigation proceedings against the insurance providers.


While some people have insurance coverage from their auto insurance, credit unions and or travel insurance, others do not have such and would be forced to purchase suitable insurance policies from the providers working with the car rental firms. Insurance coverage details to be confirmed before driving off include renter’s injury coverage, disability or death resulting from accidents, third party coverage, renter’s properties coverage, maximum damage covered and collision coverage among others. The scope of the insurance plan determines payments amounts and terms, as well as refunds if any.

Tips When Purchasing Insurance

The success of litigation proceedings relies on availability of evidence. To ensure ample evidence against an evasive insurance provider/ car renting company, a car renter should confirm and have in print the following information. First, it would be crucial to have images of the vehicle or a checklist of the car’s condition before taking the car from the car renting company. Second, it would, also, be important to confirm with the company, personal insurer and the insurance company (if other than the car renter’s credit union or auto insurance) of the car’s condition. Confirming the terms of the insurance cover (payments, covered and uncovered items) and having a signed agreement with the insurer is also key.

Why Use Solicitors

Pursuing an insurer/ car renting company to ease a car renter’s financial burden after an accident may not be as easy as the insurers make it seem when selling the insured insurance policies. The need for fully trained, experienced solicitors, who can represent the car renters is, hence, inevitable if these plaintiffs are to have full compensation in as stress free a way as possible. The solicitors possess the knowledge, and experience of handling such case on behalf of the plaintiffs.


Lack of car ownership should not restrict people’s ability to drive a car for a few days, for their convenient travelling needs. Thanks to car renting companies, people can hire cars, run their errands and return them afterwards. With a car hire comes insurance expenses, which can be met by credit unions, travelling insurance, auto insurance or insurance providers working with the car renting companies. In the event of accidents and failed compensation, people need experienced solicitors to help them pursue litigation proceedings to seek adequate compensation.


Throw the Perfect Backyard Party

0 Comments 08 March 2014

Hosting a perfect backyard party can be a great idea and especially during the warm summer evenings. It is, however, important to have different party themes if you are to enjoy the best results and leave your guests entertained. The perfect backyard party will require much planning as you will have to deal with different aspects such as the food, entertainment, decorations and settings with your guest list in mind. It is however amazing to note that, with a luxuriant lawn, hosting such a party is not hard no matter how much space you have available. You can use the tips below to plan an adult or family party with success.

Come up with the right menu

The first thing you will need to do is to plan your menu with the guests in mind. An adult party will obviously require a different kind of menu from a family party and these are some of the things you should look into during the planning stages. You could consider setting up a barbecue grill to make sumptuous kabobs which could either be made from steak, chicken, shrimps, fruits and vegetables. You can also grill some steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers as part of your outdoor party menu. Use beverage dispensers for lemonade or punch. You could also have bottled soft drinks in the menu.

Create a perfect dining set up and decoration theme

You will need to have your guests seated as they eat and this can be made easy if you use patio dining sets. You could however make use of your available space by using floor cushions strategically placed around your outdoor coffee table or incorporating tall bistro sets in the setup. If you have an issue with space, consider replacing chairs with long benches as this will allow more people to be seated comfortably around the table. A luxuriant lawn gives the perfect decoration and party background and therefore you might not need to spend a lot of money for this. However, you might consider setting some flowers on the table and using colourful table mats with porcelain plates. Additionally, you will need to introduce colourful lighting if your party is to be held in the evening. Patio lanterns will both illuminate the party space and also provide a relaxing ambiance.

Be ready for the weather

Outdoor parties, unlike indoor ones, will require some preparations in case of weather change. Weather patterns are likely to change at times without warning so be prepared with a canopy or gazebo in case it turns cold and rainy. On the other hand, you could set up some outdoor heaters on your lawn in case of cold and windy evenings. Do not allow the weather to mess up your party.

Set your yard perfectly well

Your yard could either be inviting or boring. Perhaps it is time to consider installing new lawn turf for a beautifully fresh setting. At the minimum, mow and water your grass prior to the backyard party or call in lawn service providers in your area.

As you prepare your outdoor party, remember to exterminate the gate crushers such as mosquitoes and bugs as these could easily ruin the good times. There are various lights and traps to attract and kill them. Plan well ahead and you will have the perfect backyard party.


Working As An Attorney: What You Need To Know

0 Comments 07 March 2014

YES_4105(5).jpgMany people see lawyers and attorneys as highly successful individuals. Apparently, that’s one big fact we can’t erase. Law school alone is far from easy, and the moment you finished it and proceed to begin your practice, that’s a whole new endeavor. But if you still haven’t worked as a lawyer and if you’re still I the midst of studying hard for it, there are a couple of things you must keep in mind. Sometimes expectations tend to be so high that fresh graduates of law schools end up disappointed.

Pressure is always there

Just like any work, pressure will always be a part of your day. However when it comes to working as a lawyer, the more cases you’re working on and the more crucial or critical each case is, the more pressured you’ll be. Not only does your client expect you to handle their case well, but you also automatically expect something good from yourself. No matter how long you’ve been working already in this field, one thing that just won’t go away would be the anxiety that will greet you each morning and accompany you until your day ends.

School doesn’t answer everything

Law school is a very long process. When you decide to have “lawyering” as your career you will have to accept the fact that you need to spend extra years in school. But the moment you start practicing, you will most probably realize that everything you learned from long, extensive studying are quite few when compared to the reality of this field. There’s so much more to being a lawyer than simply defending a client. You will also have to adjust to the client’s attitude, make swift alterations of attitude adjustment from one client to another and be sure you don’t switch them, deal with public opinion, and more.

Longer days

Unless you have a lawyer in the house, then you probably know how long a lawyer’s day is. You would start working in your office but later on, as your career goes forward you will end up working at home as well. An attorney’s home is not a home unless it has an office. You will end up spending more time reading law books, reading paperwork of various clients, determining techniques to speed up this case, thinking of ways to save a client from being imprisoned although you feel like he should be behind bars, and more. Nights will become mornings and days will usually be filled with work thus, you should master the talent of juggling tasks.

Making a name

It’s not that easy to engrave your name in the field of law. Whether you choose a likable field and work as an Oklahoma City Attorney for example, or you opt to study sites like and choose a more difficult field, the case is always the same. Making a name in this field and being renowned calls for years of serving the public, winning countless cases and learning your way through the maze. Nonetheless, such difficulty will be paid off once transform into a highly recommended lawyer


From Student to Travelling Professional – what you need to know to protect your health and appearance

0 Comments 05 March 2014

Researchers from the University of Sydney have recently predicted that 1 out of 10 university graduates in Australia will take up a job that requires heavy travelling at some point in their careers. Admittedly, being a travelling professional has its perks even though it is demanding. The fulfillment one gets from travelling far and wide, networking with professionals from different spheres and more than makes up for the drudgery and monotony of it all.

One of the most intractable drawbacks of  such a  job is keeping up with unpredictable schedules which often requires one to go through several days with barely any sleep or proper rest. Such a schedule can have devastating effects on someone’s health and looks.

As such, one should not simply sit back and let the vagaries of a stressful career take a devastating toll on their health and state of their skin. Here are some tips on how to defend your health and your outward appearance when you find yourself becoming a constant traveler. Let’s begin by looking at 2 types of serums that are handy and effective at protecting your skin on the go:

  • Vitamin C serums

  • Hyaluronic acid serums

These products are well suited to someone with a busy schedule as you only need a few minutes each morning to apply them. Moreover they are much cheaper than other anti-aging treatments such as laser therapy or cosmetic surgery.

Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin C facial serums are very effective when it comes to combating facial defects caused by UV exposure and free radicals. These are real threats for someone whose nature of work means they are constantly exposed to the negative effects of the elements.

These serums are effective in eliminating wrinkles, sun spots and other effects of premature aging on the skin. To achieve the best results possible however, you need to use only the best vitamin c serums  such as those featured in this article.

Hyaluronic Acid Serums

Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer and lubricant produced in such organs as the eyes and in the joints of your limbs where they help to maintain lubrication. It is only relatively recently that the anti-aging properties of hyaluronic acid became widely publicized. Since then, the compound has caused something of a revolution in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Previously, the only use of hyaluronic acid in the cosmetics industry was as a component in injectable beauty products such as dermal fillers. When the product crossed over and became available in the form of gels and facial serums, it became an instant hit.

The best hyaluronic acid serums ensure that your skin remains moisturized throughout the day. The net effect of using it regularly is that the fine lines on your face gradually fill out and the sagging appearance is evened out as your skin gets tauter. But it is important that you only apply the best hyaluronic acid serums for your skin’s benefit. You can click here for top recommendations of such serums.

General Health Tips  for the Busy Professionals

It pays to remember that most often than not, the signs of aging and skin damage on your face are as a result of underlying health problems. By taking care of your general health, you will be guaranteeing yourself a healthy, youthful face despite your harried life as a busy professional. These are some simple but powerful general health tips:

  • Take a diet rich in vegetables and fruits

  • Drink plenty of water daily. The recommended daily intake of water is 2 liters. People living in hot tropical climates may require as much as 3 liters daily

  • Avoid highly processed foods and instead opt for foods in their natural state which have plenty of fiber. The latter help with digestion and metabolism for all round health and wellness.

  • Take recommended health supplements. Consult your physician for guidance on which ones you should consider using

  • Set apart some time to exercise your body at least thrice every week. The exercises should be comprehensive enough to benefit all your body muscles and should be involving enough to leave you panting for breath for at least half an hour


The Attractions of the World of High Finance

0 Comments 26 February 2014

The past few decades have seen a phenomenal growth in the world of high finance. For the uninitiated, high finance refers to transactions involving huge sums of money. Such financial transactions takes place in banks, stocks markets, big corporate houses and several other financial institutions. One of the prime reasons of the growth of finance industry is the globalization of the world markets resulting in availability of a greater number of investment options and banking resources to the people.

There are several attractions of working in the world of high finance. Let us see what they are:

1. Potential high income.
There is no dearth of highly paid positions in the world of high finance. There are many jobs offering a six figure salary plus commissions. If you are a go getter, then the sky is your limit. Statistics reveal brokers and sales agents in high finance industry in the US earned a median wage of $71,720 in the year 2012 and fund managers have earned an average salary of $109,740 in the same year.

2. Good working conditions and regular business hours.
There is no denial a small number of financial agents do work in the suffocating trading pits of some exchanges but a majority of them have climate controlled and comfortable office for themselves. The time of business is also fixed and for most of the professionals of the finance industry, it starts and ends with opening and closing of stocks and bond markets. Another lucrative aspect is a full complement of paid holidays.

3. Opportunity to continue your education and specialize in various trades.
Even after you have joined the finance industry for a living, you have bright chances of continuing your education. In fact, most employers want you to gain extra qualification. Fund manager training is widely sought after and there are many reputable institutes such as the Pro Traders Academy which offer courses and training to better your profile and raise your level in the industry.

You can also choose the area you want to specialize in. For instance if you choose to go for a job which involves meeting people and counseling them on matters of finance, you can go for a specialization in tax consultancy or financial planning.

Having said a fund manager’s portfolio is a much sought after one, let us see who is a fund manager?

A fund manager manages a business’ cash flow, prepares financial applications, supervises approval and rejection of credit and considers loan applications besides several other tasks. His aim is to assist the company in setting financial goals and manage the employees in the department to attain the goal.

The entry level qualification of a fund manager is a bachelor’s degree in accounting, financial management or business administration. It is recommended to undergo fund manager training and have a reasonable work experience of various financial occupations such as a financial analyst, loan officer etc. in order to be considered competent enough for management positions.

The financial crisis which cropped up a few years ago had definitely put a dent in the finance industry but the industry has revived and the demand for financial professionals has sketched a rising curve. The world of high finance has much to offer for those who have a dream and the potential to pursue it.

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